We are a family of Designers, Developers and Optimizers. Our main Goal, to challenge businesses problems with technological solutions. our solutions are mostly online based, so you could say we are online freaks. We design as well develop when necessary. We optimize to maximize sales online for businesses. We are a combination of greatness and so we are greater as one.

What We Do

web design

ElitNex is one of Uganda's finest website developers. The designs are stunningly adorable and most of all, they are designed with a primary intention to sell your products or services online.

SEO Services

Our brother company OptiBrave is a professional at search engine and directory optimization. Want a local SEO strategy, a multi-national one, or may be you just want to rank high in search results.

Digital Marketing

We harness the power of marketing with online strategies. We understand that what matters more is what sales your website is making. We want to optimize your business’s visibility --- ONLINE.

News Portal

RUUT,ug is an online News website dedicated to delivering technology content. Ranging from Videos, Infographics to Written Text and more. Please visit us at RUUT  if you may.


We love development, it's by development that we can design, aswell optimize. It’s the core of almost all we do. we'll develop your Website, Web app, mobile apps and any other you may have in mind.


One of our best services we offer is actually Tech support, we love to serve our clients with the best we can and help them where need be. Please be rest assured we'll help you, all the way

Our Family

We have a family of Designers, Developers and Optimizers. Divided into several branches, we are able to work united as one big family in accordance to our respective specializations. This ensures the best of what ever we put our efforts on-to.

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